KONSTANTINIDIS LAW is committed to protecting the rights and freedoms of individuals with regard to the processing of their personal data in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data (Official Gazette of RS no. 87/2018). This Privacy Policy serves as a notification through which we would like to inform you about the personal information we collect, how it is processed and for what purpose it is processed.

Given the fact that the protection of individual’s privacy on the Internet is vital for the future of all individuals that perform their activities on the Internet and to open the road to more widespread Real Internet Economy, we’ve put together this Privacy Policy with a great desire to express our strong commitment to the rights of individuals regarding the protection and confidentiality of their personal data. This Privacy Policy covers how personal data can be processed.

KONSTANTINIDIS LAW processes the personal data of individuals who: 1) fill out the contact form on the web site and 2) are official visitors website KONSTANTINIDIS LAW and accept the Cookie banner. This data is processed only in accordance with the Privacy Policy and the conditions which are applied KONSTANTINIDIS LAW, which is then responsible for determining the purposes for which personal data are processed and held. Any violation of the Privacy Policy can lead to KONSTANTINIDIS LAW, as the operator of personal data, is legally responsible for the consequences of injury.




Validity of this Privacy Policy.


This Privacy Policy applies to personal data which is provided to us originating from the personal data as described below. The use of any of the information collected from Cookies or other technologies is subject to prior notification and consent of the data subjects in accordance with the rules provided in the Cookie Banner.

The Data Controller.


The Data Controller for is KONSTANTINIDIS LAW.

How does KONSTANTINIDIS LAW use my personal data?


KONSTANTINIDIS LAW will process the Personal Data provided below only as defined in the Privacy Policy. More information can be found in Sections B and C below. Information on processing Personal Data by KONSTANTINIDIS LAW based on an contractual obligation can be found in Section B below. Information on the processing of your Personal Data based on your consent can be found in Section C below.


Duration of processing of personal data.


KONSTANTINIDIS LAW processes and uses your Personal Data for the purpose of fulfillment of a contract (see B below) or based on your consent (see C below). In this case, KONSTANTINIDIS LAW will store your Personal Data (i) only for as long as it is required for the purposes defined below or (ii) until you object with the use of your Personal Data by KONSTANTINIDIS LAW (in cases that KONSTANTINIDIS LAW has a contractual purpose to use your Personal Data) or (iii) until you withdraw your consent (in cases that you have given your consent to KONSTANTINIDIS LAW to use your Personal Data). However, whenever required as a legal obligation KONSTANTINIDIS LAW will keep your Personal Data for a longer period of time or whenever your Personal Data is required for KONSTANTINIDIS LAW to claim or defend itself against legal claims, your Personal Data will be kept until the end of the corresponding retention period or until such claims are settled.


The use of this website by children.


This website is not intended for children under 15 years of age. If you are under 15 years old you may not use this web site without the prior consent of your parents or legal guardian

Links to external web sites.


This website may contain links to other external websites. KONSTANTINIDIS LAW is not responsible for the treatment of your data on other websites, nor for their privacy policy or the content of external internet sites. Therefore, we suggest that you carefully read the privacy policies of these external internet sites.


Application of the Privacy Policy.


Please note that this Privacy Policy applies to the processing of your personal data when you use any of KONSTANTINIDIS LAW products or services, KONSTANTINIDIS LAW apps, web sites, as well as any of our product and service we offer together with our partners, which includes a link to this Privacy Policy.




In the following cases KONSTANTINIDIS LAW is authorized to process your personal data in accordance with the current legislation on the protection of personal data in the Republic of Serbia:

If you establish a user account on the official website KONSTANTINIDIS LAW in order to obtain information, e-mails, newsletters, etc., KONSTANTINIDIS LAW is authorized to the following information: your full name, gender, age, place of residence and e-mail address which is used in order to fulfil the obligations based on that account. KONSTANTINIDIS LAW will provide you with the opportunity at any time during the processing of personal data to clearly object to processing of personal data by KONSTANTINIDIS LAW based on the user account by submitting an e-mail on the official e-mail address at the end of this Privacy Policy. However, in cases where the retention of data is necessary due to legal obligations of KONSTANTINIDIS LAW, then KONSTANTINIDIS LAW retains personal data for a longer period of time but only during the existence of that legal obligation or when the personal data is needed for KONSTANTINIDIS LAW to defend against a claim or lawsuit.


If you use our contact form to send us a message, we will use the information in the form only to respond to the question and contact you regarding your queries. The information you provide through our contact form will not be processed in any way and will only be used to communicate with regard to your questions and to provide additional answers if needed.



In the following situations KONSTANTINIDIS LAW will process your personal information only as stated here after consenting to specific actions of processing.

Consent to the use of Cookies on the website of KONSTANTINIDIS LAW. After your consent to the use of Cookies, data obtained in this way will be used for personalization of content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze traffic. We also reserve the right, in the future to share information on how you use our web site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners that can combine them with other information provided by you or gathered based on the use of other services with the aim of improving our services. For more details about cookies visit Cookies notification.

Necessary Cookies or Essential Cookies.


  • These Cookies are absolutely essential for the proper functioning of the website. They let you search the website and use its options. These cookies do not identify you. Without these cookies, our web site cannot function properly.


    You can prevent the storage of cookies by selecting “Block cookies” in your browser settings. However, blocking all cookies might have a negative impact on the use of many web sites. If you still want to delete and disable cookies, you need to update the settings of your web browser (information on how to delete and disable cookies are available in your browser by choosing Help) or more information can be found at the following addresses:

    · ·



In accordance with the level of technological advances, and the cost of their implementation, the nature, extent, the circumstances and the purpose of treatment, as well as the probability of occurrence of a risk and the risk level for the right and freedom of individuals, KONSTANTINIDIS LAW implements the appropriate technical, personal and organizational measures in order to reach an adequate level of security in relation to the risk of data processing.

KONSTANTINIDIS LAW protects your information using the following protective measures:

· Antivirus protection and other appropriate technology and information protection.

KONSTANTINIDIS LAW has taken appropriate measures to all systems, services, and equipment used for the processing of your personal data that meet acceptable standards of information security and protection of personal data. KONSTANTINIDIS LAW carries out regular checks and scans in order to ensure that technical safeguards on hardware and software are functioning properly.

Access to personal data collected by KONSTANTINIDIS LAW are provided only to those who have a legal basis for processing such as employees that have user access to the personal data which is stored. System of user access defines appropriate levels of access which each user has the rights to access the data stored. The system user access defines precisely what data the user has access to and if the user all can access the personal data and all the way in which they can be processed. In this case, users are employees and IT support. User access which is used by employees to comply with their roles in the business process in KONSTANTINIDIS LAW and the descriptions of their operations are in accordance with the organization of business within KONSTANTINIDIS LAW. Employees are given access only to those personal data which are necessary for the implementation of their necessary activities.


KONSTANTINIDIS LAW does not transfer of personal data to countries outside of the group of countries signatory to the Convention of the Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data or countries that do not have an appropriate level of protection of personal data.



This information applies only to our website at If you are redirected to other sites via links on our site, please inform yourself about the proper handling of your data.

Built-in content from other websites

Articles and news on our website may include embedded content (e.g. videos, photos, articles, etc.). Built-in content from other web sites behave in the same way as if the visitor has visited that web site.


These websites may collect information about you using cookies, install additional third-party tracking and monitoring your interactions with these embedded content, including tracking of interaction with embedded content if you have an account and are logged into the site.



You have the following rights regarding the processing of your personal data:

  • The right to request access, correction or deletion of your personal data of KONSTANTINIDIS LAW.
  • The right to request KONSTANTINIDIS LAW to limit processing.
  • The right of protest.
  • The right to data portability.
  • The right to withdraw consent at any time, except that revocation of consent does not affect the admissibility of processing based on consent before revocation.
  • The right to submit complaints to the Serbian Data Protection Authority i.e. the Commissioner for Data Protection (contact details below).
  • The right to information on whether the processing of your personal data, access to your personal data, information on the purpose of treatment, the types of data to be processed, the recipient or kind of recipients to whom the personal data is disclosed or will be disclosed and, in particular, to recipients in other countries or international organizations, the time limit of storage of personal data, or if that is not possible, the criteria for determining the time limit.


At your request, KONSTANTINIDIS LAW will provide you with a copy of the data processed. KONSTANTINIDIS LAW may request reimbursement of necessary costs for making copies of personal data which a person to whom the information relates required. If the request for a copy of personal data is submitted electronically, the answer will be delivered in a commonly used electronic format.

These rights can be enforced by contacting KONSTANTINIDIS LAW in the following ways:
Address, Email, Telephone – Republic of Serbia, 21000 Novi Sad, street Bulevar Oslobođenja 78,



You may at any time withdraw the consent you granted by submitting a request through at In this case KONSTANTINIDIS LAW will no longer process any personal data subject to the consent unless legally required. In the event that KONSTANTINIDIS LAW is obliged to retain your Personal Data for legal reasons, your Personal Data will not be further processed and will only be retained for the period required by law. However, withdrawal does not affect prior processing of Personal Data by KONSTANTINIDIS LAW until the time of withdrawal. In addition, if the use of an KONSTANTINIDIS LAW service/offer requires your prior consent, KONSTANTINIDIS LAW will no longer be able, after withdrawal of your consent, to provide you with the relevant service, offer or event.



The competent authority for the protection of personal data is the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Serbia. The Commissioner can be reached at the address Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 15, 11000 Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, e-mail: or by phone at +381 11 3408 900